Ecuador’s Miami Beach

Salinas in Ecuador is known as “Little Miami”, due to the many different beaches surrounding the area. Some say that it also resembled Miami. Salinas was not a popular destination before. But when Ecuador’s leader saw the opportunity it presented, they explored and developed this coastal city. In recent years, it has become one of the top destinations for expats. 

Being a coastal city, you can anticipate a lot of water sports going around. From surfing to wakeboarding, yacht sailing, whale watching and skydiving, there is never a shortage of activity that you can do in Salinas. In fact, ISA Quiksilver World Juniors Championships was even held in Salinas.

Unlike Miami, however, Salinas is a serene and quiet city. The coastline is separated flawlessly in half by a jetty. This is where you will find the anchors of the Salinas Yacht Club. On the north side is the sandy half-moon bay, where the wealth of activity occurs.. To the south is Chipipe Coastline, quieter and with a lot more households.

Salinas had been a long-time villa location for Ecuadoreans. Flashing skyscraper apartments line the coastline roadway. Classy fish and shellfish dining establishments as well as fashionable clubs come to life in the evening.

During the summer, the coastlines of Salinas are so filled with people. You will see the sand covered by towels, umbrellas, or oil-slicked bodies. Streets are also crowded with more visitors wanting to experience the beautiful beach and sand of Salina. While some are there to catch some fish and enjoy a barbecue with family and friends.

Staying in Salinas is not at all expensive. A wonderful exclusive space in a wonderful store resort costs $30/night. A steak or fish and shellfish supper in a fashionable dining restaurant will cost you around $5 or $6. Fish or shrimp, prepared any way you want them at the neighborhood mercado-more starts at $2.50.

If you are an expat wanting to move to Salinas, you will find that this part of Ecuador can be very welcoming. The expat community will make you feel at home right away. Take a walk along the coastline and you will find an expat or two that you can have a chat with. That is the Salinas way of living.