Best Places To Retire in Panama

Over the years, data have shown that more and more expats have relocated to Panama. This is because Panama has a lot more to offer than its beautiful beaches. 

Some parts of Panama are more affordable compared to other areas. Coronado and Panama City can be expensive because they are prime locations. They may even be as expensive as where you are living now. But other areas of Panama is very much affordable. 

What are the three best places to retire in Panama?


Boquete is a highland area of Panama, at an elevation of 3,900 feet. The weather in Boquete is a lot like spring, the average temperature is 65 degrees. This is a nice change from the sea level temperature of the City. You can see lush green plants and flowers all over. Boquete currently has the most number of retirees from all over the world. This makes it the perfect place for those who do not want to jump into the local culture just yet.


Pedasi is the ideal location for ocean lovers. It is located at the southern coast of Panama and is considered to be one of the country’s finest sand and sea. This beach town has a simple and traditional way of life. Pedasi is known as the “tuna coast”. It is no wonder that this town attracts divers, surfers, snorklers and fishermen from all over. 

La Concepción

Located in Western Panama, La Concepcion is Panama’s most important agricultural town. It is only a couple of minutes away from the city of David. People in this rural town can enjoy country style living but can still have easy access to the city for shopping and other city conveniences. Cost of living in La Concepcion is lower than those of Panama City and the city of David. 

These are the top places in Panama where the expats are moving into. If you are considering of relocating to Panama, you can consider these three places as your options. But like all things, take time to do an extensive research about your chosen area. Check to see if you have access to everything including medical facilities.