When the economy struggles, people look for alternatives.  With so many boomers retiring or nearing retirement, living on a fixed income inside of the states has become difficult so many are looking to live elsewhere.  Locations from countries in Asia, Mexico, Central and South America’s as well as some more obscure countries are becoming home to both U.S. and Canadian citizens.

We decided that our mission would be to help with as much detailed info on these locations as possible.  We’re also in a situation where we are planning to take the leap and head south of the U.S. to more affordable living.  We’ve been planning this for some time now and have realized many of the pitfalls that you run into. We’ll share those in order to help you to avoid them.

We’re a married couple with no children and one very small but needy dog named Jake.  Since we have no children our nearly 14 yr. old Shih Tzu has become our baby.  He’s also a bit of an issue when choosing a place to live, even outside of the U.S. because some countries just don’t treat their animals like we do.  This has to be a consideration for anyone with a dog.

Let’s get started on our journey.