Di-Relo. com is a source for tourists and individuals who want to live the ex-patriot life in another country. We will supply articles, videos and various other methods to help you to locate and make the best possible choice based upon real details. Taking a trip or living far away from your home country can be a remarkable experience. But only if you made the right choice. There’s lots of false information online which makes many individuals think twice about relocating to another country. We are here to help you with your choice!


One of the first things that I would tell you is that your home country may not be as great a place to live as you think.  If may not be the best fit for you and your lifestyle and there are many places in the world that you could and would feel comfortable.  Consider the cost of living and if you’re on a fixed income, living in the far east or South America could be a great choice.  If you’ve got health issues then you may find the climate in a certain country a healthier place to live for you.

One health related service that you may find completely unavailable unless you have a large U.S. expat community is chiropractic care.  You see, for the most part the chiropractic world is in the U.S. and unless a good chiropractor has moved to your expat location, you won’t find one. If you’re a person who relies on this type of care, you had better do your research on the availability in the location that you plan on moving to.

Healthcare is a concern however this doesn’t mean that other countries have poor or inferior healthcare. Many countries have as good if not better healthcare than what you may be accustom to, although it may be different.  The biggest difference if you are coming from the U.S. will be the cost. Most other countries have not been bogged down by bureaucracy, therefore the costs of healthcare services are typically a fraction of the costs in the U.S.  For example, an emergency room visit for a lacerated hand, receiving 11 stitches cost $64 in Cuenca Ecuador, that also included antibiotic medication.

Do your research and you’ll find that many countries have excellent healthcare available to you and some will even allow you to buy health insurance.  It’s also much less expensive than you may be used to paying. Remember, the government red tape and deep dipping insurance companies haven’t corrupted other countries to send costs through the roof.

Let’s talk about the water.  Is the water safe to drink in other countries?  What I can tell you is that you must be smart and don’t eat of drink anything without considering how it is prepared, handled and where it comes from.  Locals may be conditioned to handle certain things and it may take you some time to get used to it.  Some things you should never expose yourself to, but you need to check and think before you consume anything.  Most times you should be drinking bottled water until you know for sure of it’s safe.


Living abroad is all about using your head. Learn the culture, assimilate into it and try to speak the local language. Don’t try to make that country fit into that way you think that it should be.  Being that way will display an image or arrogance to the locals and this will not help you in any way. If you can’t speak the language, just try.  Most times the locals will just love that you are trying and this will endear you to their hearts.

Many expats wonder about driving and owning a car in another country. In many countries you can get a drivers license and own a car without any problems.  Please consider that in many countries, people don’t drive like you may be used to.  It can be more of a free-for-all or slightly organized chaos.  Don’t assume that they’ll be like you when they are behind the wheel.  Also, unless you speak at least a little of the local language, having a breakdown on the side of the road could be a danger or a least a real problem.  You aren’t going to be able to pick up the phone and call triple A and call for towing.  Storing your car indoors could also present an issue because many countries do not build indoor space for cars, so garages are not common.

Many expats will choose to live in a city where they can walk or use public transportation to both save money and to save a hassle.  If you do need to use a car, you can rent one as long as you maintain a drivers license.  Our advice would be to obtain a new license when you get settled into your new country, then you can have more options when the bug bites you!


We’re going to take you on an amazing journey around the globe and we hope that you come back often because we want to be of help to you on your quest to find a great place in this world!